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Seven Kingdoms Westland is a realm full of valiant warriors and powerful kings. It is a country steeped in intrigue and struggle for power. Empire is divided into scheming south eastern wild landscapes and icy north bordered by ancient walls, behind which hides a terrifying evil.

Game of Thrones - intrigue, sex and swords

If you're not careful, you can easily lose your life. Especially if you are a descendant of the family that could have a claim to the throne. The earth is in fact laced with betrayal, lust, intrigue and supernatural forces. Everyone wants the Iron Throne, but it is only one. Game of Thrones begins ...



History with a pinch of fantasy

The epic series Game of Thrones on HBO is based on a bestseller fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. The author, however, fundamentally different from other fantasy writers - creates While sophisticated worlds, each with its own history, geography and social practices, but the world does not serve as a basis for a breathtaking adventure heroes who have the task of saving the world, while there are fantasy elements rather in the background, terms of rough historical narrative, ruled by feudal lords.


Where the story begins? King Robert Baratheon, Cersei whose wife comes from a family of wealthy and unscrupulous Lannister, Stark Eddarda ask the Lord to come to the South and helped him manage the UK. At the same throne from the east threatens princess Daenerys of the House Targaryenů who ruled Westland many years before he was deposed. This is starting to wake evil in the north of the wall that protects the Brotherhood. On the inhospitable north of leaves and Jon Snow, Ned's bastard son. All roads eventually lead but still in the middle kingdom. And while families struggle for the Iron Throne, the darkness beyond the Wall unnoticed growing ...

In the game nothing is certain

Game of Thrones can make you feel that any character can die. Anywhere. And it does not matter, it's a darling of spectators. On this show many people love and hate at the same time. It causes the viewer to their favorite characters really scared. And when people collide with supernatural creatures, their nothingness still visible. For example, in the scene where Jon Snow for the first time they see a giant. Thanks to great visual effect is not hard to share his astonishment.


The series so far has five rows, with rotation allows for a further three. All series combines great subtitle sequence. It has excellent music, which causes goose bumps even after the hundredth views. Moreover, it is a kind of help. Since it appears in places that in that episode will be the scene of the story. Overall, the Game of Thrones excellent, although the first series of the even more (up to several excellent scenes - whether bloody or simply cool itself) have not overcome.